is there going to be option to play music direct from android devices rather than have an external source?

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John M, Official Rep

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Hello everyone,

This topic is now marked as Planned. Sonos is currently developing a direct wireless playback feature for Android similar to iTunes Wireless Playback for iOS. As with all our new features, we will not have a public timeframe for the release until it's fully ready.

Thank you for your support.

John M, Official Rep

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Hi everyone,

An open beta for the Android Controller is now available for sign-up at

All users are welcome to participate in the beta but please note you will be asked to sign and agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) during the duration of the program.


Daniel H, Official Rep

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Hello everyone !

We are thrilled to announce that software version 4.1.1, for Android only, has been released this morning.

You will now be able to play music and podcasts directly from your Android devices in any room of your home.

Please find all release notes here: Android Software Update 4.1.1 release notes