Please add "This Mobile Device" into the Android Controller Search function.

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As the title says please add a search function for "This Mobile Device" for the Sonos Controller for Android. It would greatly ease browsing when looking for a specific album or artist.


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Android - Searching This Mobile Device.

I am using Sonus controller for Android. When playing music from "this mobile device" as a music source, there is no option to use the search facility to find music ie by typing in an artist etc. I have posted this question before and got the following reply which I did not quite understand :
"that is true and by design, the Controller does not allow allow to search your mobile device but browse the library rather"

Are you saying that it is possible to add the contents of "This Mobile Device" to your music library? I can see that you can add locations/folders on a host machine using Sonus Controller for PC, but the controller for Android does not have the same options.

If you cannot do this, then finding tracks without a search facility is quite difficult. Are there any plans to extend a search facility to "this mobile device"