Stitcher Only Displays Latest Podcast Episode

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If I access Stitcher via a web browser, I can listen to the latest and previous episodes of podcasts.

If I access Stitcher via Sonos, only the latest episode is exposed. There doesn't appear to be a way to access older episodes.

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Posted 3 years ago

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I have the same problem. I want to listen to a certain podcast from a few months back, and can only find a way to listen to the most recent version of it. Anyone have any other ideas?
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I did find a very rough work around for this. If you have an old podcast you want to listen to, and you can find the URL of the podcast, you can add it to Sonos as a new station, and listen to it that way. You will have to do this for every old podcast you want to listen to, and it won't auto-update, but may work as a work around.
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How can one force the Stitcher podcasts to autoupdate on the sons. The iPhone App offers that as an option each time the app is opened.
One podcast i just found by doing a stitcher search on Sonos desktop app was 2 months old, another 2 weeks old.
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It would be great to get a list of all available episodes compared to the Sticher app. Otherwise this is kind of a useless feature making only the last episode available. This is against the content on demand approach.
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Thinking how people discover Audiocasts (I prefer calling them that, it's the Hoover-Vacuum equivalent, they don't have to be on an iPod!) they find a show they like and often want to go back to subscribe from the beginning, listening to each Audiocast in sequence. You can't do that with Sonos and so the whole idea of offering Audiocasts is, to me anyway, rather useless.

Sure, if I can find the Audiocasts I'm currently up to date with on the Stitcher service and listen to them every week/month/however often they are published then I'll be fine. Miss an episode and I can't appear to catch up through Sonos, at least not very easily. Want to start from the opening episode? That seems impossible.

If you're going to offer Audiocasts then a proper Audiocast (or Podcast) manager is what's required. The minimum functionality that's required here is to episode track and allow people to start from any episode they wish.
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I love the Sonos product and also love podcasts, rarely listen to music.  Yes, we need a much better podcast solution please!  
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Stitcher Smartradio sonos app podcast deficiency.

I know this has been said many times in various forums, but I want to post it again, because it seems like something that would not be that difficult to fix. The way that the Stitcher app displays podcasts within the sonos app is very poor. I have been begrudgingly using it because there are no better solutions available, but it really isn't good enough.

Only being able to view and play the latest episode of podcasts is such hindrance to the ease of usability that Sonos has built it's brand around. Within the Stitcher Smartradio app there is a category labeled 'Unheard Favorites'. The podcasts within this section are deleted when a new podcast is available, regardless of whether you actually listened to the previous podcast.

In the Favorites section, it only ever displays the latest episode available to listen to. Why allow users to browse the back catalogue of podcasts that are available to you if you log into the stitcher website?

The functionality of many other apps in Sonos is so good, and this has been an issue that a lot of users have been talking about for a long time.

If Sonos is actually making efforts to improve this functionality already, that is good and it would be nice to know, but it feels as if this has been a problem for a long time and is never going to get fixed.

Stitcher isn't even a related category I can choose for this post. If there were another podcast application that did this properly through the Sonos system, I wouldn't care, but there just isn't.

Is anyone else sick of this lack of functionality?
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Signed. Everything. I like Sonos, but the lack of a proper podcast functionality is a real bummer. Only being able to play the last episode shouldn't be the last word on the subject.
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@ Luke Austin I couldn't agree more. I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music. Until Sonos adds proper podcast support, I can't justify increasing my investment in my Sonos system. Until then I unfortunately will have to continue to use and build out the Airplay solution that I run in parallel.
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I agree entirely! I use Downcast as my iOS app, but have to use iOS Podcasts to attempt to use Sonos for podcasts. Its an abysmal solution, as the podcasts are never up to date. Additionally, the podcasts don't sync between the Podcast app and Downcast, so I have many duplicates, taking up space on my iPhone. 

Very messy. Sonos - you have a large customer base with a huge unmet need!
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No response from Sonos on this topic either.  I wish they had some serious competition and would start working on their software!
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Old group request for Sonos' STITCHER API:  Why are we still waiting for Stitcher folders?

It's great that users can log in to their Stitcher accounts however one's FOLDERS are not available. A podcast listener's life is not reduced to Favorites and Unheard Favorites but folders for genres, day times,  activities, languages and other scenarios, why is it taking so long (May 2015) for Sonos to allow all of the features that Stitcher's iOS app has, including Listen Later ?!? Why? 

I'd like to use my Stitcher in Sonos in the same way I do so through my phone or computer. I believe I'm not the only person requesting this.
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Another podcast lover looking for a solution that works through sonos. If not sticher is there anything else?